Driftwood Yacht Club

6346 Bridgehead Road
Oakley, California  94561

(925) 757-5800

Officers and Members of the Driftwood Yacht Club
welcome fellow boaters. Please visit our club during your next cruise in the Antioch/Oakley vicinity!

Driftwood Yacht Club was founded in 1986 to promote family boating and friendly social activities. It is a full-facility club with guest docks and ample parking. Our members are some of the finest and friendliest to ever weigh anchor. DYC participates and hosts many fun filled events every year. We have cruise-in’s & out’s, raft-ups, gourmet dinner parties, dancing, bar-b-ques, and scores of other gala activities that offer something for everyone.

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Our location at the Antioch Bridge and our membership in the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA) has provided us the very special privilege of meeting Yachters from a large variety of backgrounds and ports. We look forward to having you as our guest Should you wish information about membership or helping in our charity efforts, just ask. We will respond! E-mail Link

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